Tuesday, February 19, 2002

I have strange dreams. Saturday night I dreamed that there was a paranormal universe, and if you wanted to go on vacation, for example if you lived in Dallas and wanted to vacation in Hawaii, well that was forbidden but you could go to this paranormal universe. I decided to go to the "Parun" as it is called, so the next thing I know I am driving around in this universe. The cops drove oranges, and when they wanted to pull you over for a driving offense, the orange lit up. I was doing about 300 MPH, and I noticed a lit orange in my rearview mirror. I didn't stop, and finally decided to return home, because even though we could visit the Parun, they couldn't visit us. I got through the portal, and somehow the orange followed me, and the cop arrested me. I was put in the Parun jail, which consisted of a big drawer with air holes in it. The cop pulled open the drawer, dropped me in, and left me to die. However, when I dropped in there, all of a sudden I was covered with candy bars, and there were sodas all around in the drawer, so I didn't starve or die of thirst, which was the idea. A week later they came back to check on me, and were quite upset that I was still alive. At this point I woke up.
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