Wednesday, February 20, 2002

So, here I was all excited last night. I have just started this "dream blog" and so I just knew I'd have another spectacular dream to report, and no. Nothing. Bupkus. I think I am having "Dreamer's Block" . I mean, I have really strange dreams all the time. I dreamed once (when I was 16) that I married a spaceship named Richard. What does that tell you? Also, my dreams tend to include either a) people I work with, or b) somebody famous. I had a GREAT dream one time about John Laraquette (from Night Court) but didn't write it down, so it's gone forever. Thus the purpose of this blog. I want to remember each and every strange dream I have.

Never fear. "Dreamer's Block" can't last forever, so keep checking back to see the strange yet wonderful world of my dreams!
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