Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tuesday Takeout

Okay it's Tuesday. The sky is BLACK. The bottom is about to fall out of the sky. I hurried to Nancy's house to let Jane in because Ron gets home later than I do, and more importantly, Jane is TERRIFIED of bad weather. I got there just in time to let her in the house, and literally as soon as I shut the door, it starting raining cats and dogs (sorry, pun intended). So, as we waited for Ron to get home, I turned on the TV to distract Jane from the bad weather. I saw a commercial, which led directly to dinner... Ron made Jane's dinner tonight, and I guess she was hungry, because she was all over it!

Jane sucked it down in record time!

I'm going to change her name to Oreck.

After we fed Jane, Ron and I sat down to eat. Ron enjoyed his pizza.

He has been a good boy all week about eating. Nancy will be proud of me!

So after we ate, Ron gave his pizza crusts to Jane. I swear that dog is Italian (like Ron). She LOVES bread, cheese, etc. He showed her that he was putting it in her bowl:Then he put it in her bowl:

And she went to sit down. Ron made like he was putting it in her bowl again. She didn't budge.

As soon as he got up to go over to the stove again, she leapt up and grabbed the crust out of her bowl. She had that crust in her mouth and was back at her bed before you could say Lightning McQueen. Hey that might be another new nickname for Jane.


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